Fall 2017 Application


art + technology

Named after the part of the brain that bridges creativity and logic, we were founded as an organization for creative expression of technology. Every semester, we invite polymathic engineers, designers, artists, and thinkers to work together to come up with amazing projects, uninhibited by thematic constraints.

student-run creative laboratory

Projects have been video games, light sculptures, intelligent skateboards, generative art, virtual reality, and robots. Our members learn skills and build these projects to present to faculty, industry vets, and peers at the end of every semester. Many of our members have been hired off of the skills they cultivated with us.

learn through doing

Every semester, our members learn amazing things like how to make a virtual reality app or use hydrochromic paint. We have a culture of learning through creating and sharing our knowledge with each other. At weekly hangouts called Toybox, members have access to our gadgets and art supplies, and teach each other skills.



Airbender lets you become the last avatar! By standing in front of an Xbox Kinect, you can control the particles on the screen by your movement. Harness the power of nature and transform the display in real time!

Interactive Reality

Interactive Reality infused poetry with virtual reality! Event-goers who tried out this project were able to immerse themselves in virtual landscapes designed after famous poems about nature. They were also able to read the poem by moving around and collecting words of the poem line by line hidden in the virtual space!

Smart Skateboard

Smart Skateboard is an intuitive skateboard that senses its own movement and reflects an array of colors that range from red (at a complete) and increment colors as you increase the speed!

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology has never been more fashionable - or fantastical. LED wings bring magic to life in this featured project.

Womb Simulation

Womb Simulation was an immersive installation that interpreted what a conscious experience of the human womb might feel like. We’ve obviously all been there but none of us remember. So we wanted to create the essence of a vital human experience (read: not a literal interpretation!!) We created a geodesic dome out of the USC Game Day cardboard boxes, overlaid the inside with red fabric, and compiled a soundtrack of sounds a fetus might hear including blood pulses, breathing, and ambient noise!

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If you have any questions, ideas, desire to collaborate, email us at corpuscallosumusc [at] gmail [dot] com.